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Webinar – Unlocking the AI Dilemma: Intrusion Detection vs. Privacy Protection

With ransomware and various cyber attacks becoming more frequent and sophisticated, organizations are facing mounting challenges. A prime example is MGM Resorts, which suffered a staggering $80 million loss due to a ransomware incident just last month.

Slow detection, lack of a clear response plan, and delayed disclosure exacerbated the impact. With attacks becoming a regular headline and getting craftier, organizations need to step up their defenses.

The good news is that AI is setting a new standard in the field. When implemented correctly, it’s helping to drastically reduce security breaches and speed up incident response times. 

IBM’s research further underscores AI’s potential:

  • Organizations using AI-enhanced security and automation extensively saved an average of almost $1.8 million in data breach costs.
  • They responded to incidents 34% faster than those not leveraging AI.

But as promising as AI is, it comes with its own set of challenges. If AI isn’t used judiciously, it can introduce new privacy and compliance challenges. Think about laws and regulations like GDPR, CCPA, and HIPAA. One of the major challenges is ensuring data stays anonymous when we train these AI systems. 

The question then arises: How can businesses fully leverage AI for security while also ensuring they remain compliant and prioritize data privacy?

Navigating this landscape might seem daunting, but we’re here to help you find the way.

Join us on November 9th for an eye-opening webinar, “Unlocking the AI Dilemma: Intrusion Detection vs. Privacy Protection.”

From 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM EST on November 9th, join us to understand both the promise and the pitfalls of AI in information security. We’ll  guide you through the AI dilemma, offering insights into the latest trends, strategies to counteract evolving cyber threats, and methods to ensure a delicate balance between intrusion detection and user data privacy.


  • Exploration of industry trends and evolving cyber threats
  • Limitations of traditional methods of incident detection
  • Privacy and compliance concerns raised by AI-powered IT security
  • Strategies for deploying AI-powered IT security while safeguarding user privacy
  • Real-world success stories illustrating practical applications
  • Industry best practices and the way forward
  • Live Q&A session


Presenter – Vinodh Kombissan 

Senior Director – Cloud Infra & Automation, Relevantz

With an impressive track record spanning 20+ years, he has consistently excelled in digital infrastructure services sales, TechOps, CloudOps, AppOps, DevOps, data center services, and driving service delivery and transformation.

Speaker – Kallappa D. Ambi 

Senior Director – Security and Privacy Compliance, SS&C Intralinks

With 25+ years in IT, he’s a CISSP-certified cybersecurity leader specializing in Compliance, Security Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, IT Testing & Auditing, and Process Enhancement. He is also certified with CISM, CIPM, CRISC, CISA, CDPSE, CTPRA, CEH, CSQP, ISO 9001 LA, ISO 27001 LA, ISO 20000 LA, ITIL.

Moderator – Praveen Ramakrishnan 

Client Partner – Customer Success, Relevantz

A seasoned IT leader with 20+ years of experience, specializing in client-focused delivery management. With a profound understanding of security, AI, and automation, he brings comprehensive solutions to the forefront. His expertise encompasses various domains, including application development, testing services, and strategic managed IT advisory engagements.

What Relevantz can do for you

We can assist you in leveraging the power of AI to bolster your information security. Utilizing AI and ML techniques in line with stringent data privacy standards such as GDPR, CCPA, and HIPAA, we can help make your organization’s systems more secure and compliant.

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