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E-Commerce Retailer

Customer Care Service Platform

Conversational Platform Solution


The client was unable to adopt innovation faster than its customers, resulting in:

  • A decline in customer satisfaction due to limited means of contact, higher First Reply Time, and limited support hours
  • An increase in operating costs for its contact center operations


Despite increasing its contact center capacity, customer satisfaction would have continued to decline if the client took no further action. Consequently, it would have begun losing its customers to competitors. Along with needing to improve the customer experience for this reason, the client was under tremendous pressure to increase revenue through upselling and cross-selling to its customers.


Using an Intelligent Conversational Platform, we proposed and developed a channel-less solution for the client, offering an end-to-end digital experience to its customers. The solution enabled the client to increase customer satisfaction by:

  • Offering its services through the channels its customers prefer
  • Staying one step ahead of its customers by means of machine learning-led proactive communication
  • Supporting and operating 24×7, worldwide


We developed a channel-less solution, helping an e-commerce client achieve:

  • A 50-second reduction in First Reply Time — from 60 seconds to 10 seconds
  • A 30% reduction in contact center call volume