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About us

We are in the business of custom software engineering.

Driven by purpose

Our purpose is to be relevant to our customers’ business needs and our associates’ aspirations. We strive to be relevant to our customers by staying ahead of the constantly changing business and technology landscape. We have and will always be relevant to our associates — to their aspirations, satisfaction and happiness.


Custom software engineering is in our DNA

Engineering. And Trust.

We have a proud heritage of custom software engineering that is part of our DNA. For over 25 years, we have been engineering and delivering technology solutions that are relevant to our customers. Our purpose has been reflected in this journey.

Values that power our purpose and business

Shaped by values

We have delivered the relevant business and technology solutions with predictability and ownership to our customers by showing receptiveness to new ideas and technologies while serving them with integrity. These values — Predictability, Ownership, Receptiveness and Integrity (PORI) — have helped us win their trust and have been the key drivers to our success.


Delivering industry-relevant solutions

For Enterprises and ISVs

We deliver software solutions for leading enterprises and ISVs in the finance, healthcare, insurance, media, telecom, retail, and technology sectors.

People-focused software engineering


years in business


software engineers


global offices

We have a new name.

A new brand.

A new visual identity.

A brand that draws inspiration from being relevant to our people and our customers. We are a technology company that cares about our people and our customers. We have been focused on delivering relevant solutions that help improve lives. We will continue to be focused on helping our people and our customers stay relevant.

Relevantz in text

Our brand

Technologies evolve… products become obsolete… but Relevantz is focused on one thing. People. Our engineers are the center of how we deliver custom software engineering solutions that are relevant for our customers and their business outcomes.

People-focused software engineering


Dominic Savio


“Being relevant to the customer yesterday does NOT guarantee being relevant to the customer tomorrow. We need to be relevant to the customer every day.”

Rich Napoli

Rich Napoli


“There are tens of thousands of companies that claim to do work similar to what Relevantz does. That can make it difficult for customers to choose a vendor to build software for them. So in the final analysis, customers choose Relevantz because of trust. Our customers trust that we will deliver innovative, commercial-grade software on schedule. And of course, that’s exactly what we do, 100% of the time!”

Allwyn Raja, SVP - Delivery and Operations

Allwyn Raja


“Bringing clarity and business alignment to our customer engagement is the key element of our success.”

Interested in being relevant?

Careers for you

We are keen to attract and develop talented people who share our sense of purpose.

Rise to the challenge of a career at Relevantz.