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Accelerating modernization for financial services organizations

Today’s financial services customers demand the convenience of digital experiences. Fintechs — who have modernized with technologies such as cloud-native applications, AI, and blockchain — have the foundation to meet these customer demands. Traditional financial institutions, however, are in various stages of digital maturity and are looking to accelerate their application modernization journey.

Industry Segments We Serve

Card and payment services

Globally, we are at an inflection point for how we pay for products and services. The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly accelerated the demand for cashless and touch-free alternatives. At Relevantz, we are strategically placed at the intersection of technology and digital commerce. With experience in driving digital transformation across industries and technology verticals in the digital payments space, we can help businesses develop safe, secure, and cutting-edge payments solutions.

Contactless payment services

We provide migration and re-packing of core on-premise services as Payment Acceptance APIs on the cloud, applications on cloud-enabling contactless payments through payment acceptance APIs, Integration/Embedded contactless payments with vertical market solutions, and Security and Regulatory Compliance requirements for contactless payments services.


Asset and wealth management

We can help asset and wealth management firms craft an end-to-end digital transformation roadmap. Our proprietary tools, frameworks, and industry-leading practices will radically enhance how customer experience is delivered, improve operational efficiency, save costs, and ultimately, lead in the digital future.

Mortgage, lending, and funding

We help the consumer finance industry become data-driven, offer hyper-personalized experience, and make well-informed decisions. We streamline traditional processes and empower borrowers and lenders at every touchpoint by creating experiences that resonate with the digital-first and mobile-first generations through the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning, Big Data, and Automation.


We help modernize several aspects of banking operations by building safeguards against disruption and keeping customer centricity as the core philosophy. Our services can help banks maintain a competitive advantage through technologies that enable convenience, transparency, and efficiency.


With the emergence of digital-and mobile-first start-ups leveraging technology to simplify processes and create hyper-personalized experiences, the traditional players in the insurance industry need to take a big step forward and start defining the future of the insurance industry. We help insurers with the shift by offering technologies that can help cater to a new generation of customers by augmenting experience with context, increasing flexibility and agility in operations, and managing risk better, in a volatile market.


Case Studies

Card Payment Processing Platform

Legacy to Distributed Architecture Solution

Customer Care Platform Consolidation

Microservices Architecture Solution

Why Relevantz?

We started out as a software product company and inherited the engineering culture of innovation. Our experience from having built product software and solutions for 6 of the 100 largest software firms in the world has given us the wisdom to build software that is scalable, robust, secure, cloud-native and accessible across multi-experience environments.

 Our honesty, integrity, and commitment to delivering great software for our customers stem from our strong values and moral fiber. Our company mission is woven into the fabric of our company culture to be the most ethical provider of software solutions.