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Delivering superior customer experiences through our digital offerings

Retail consumer behavior is changing rapidly, which means big changes for the retail industry. Retailers now must do business where their customers are, not the other way around. Customers also want to move seamlessly between online and offline experiences, and retailers who’ve been successful in providing these seamless, multi-channel experiences are benefiting.

Retailers are turning to digital solutions to meet these evolving customer needs. Aided by cloud technologies such as AI, machine learning, and advanced analytics, loyalty programs become more effective, customer service improves, and retailers can give the experiences their customers crave, helping them retain customers at every step of the customer journey, across all touchpoints.

Industry Segments We Serve

Omnichannel commerce

COVID-19 has catalyzed trends that were already disrupting the retail industry. More people will continue shopping online while expecting safety measures for brief in-store visits.

Relevantz can help you transform customers’ shopping experience across digital channels and in-store locations. Through e-commerce solutions, mobile apps, contactless payment solutions, and much more, consumers can shop with retailers anywhere and at any time.


Customer engagement

Retail shopping will never be the same again. Even with restrictions easing and increasing rate of vaccination, some customers will still have apprehensions about in-store shopping. While this will have major implications for retailers, it also presents a huge opportunity.

Personalized and seamless customer engagement and support can help retailers stand apart from the competition and create lasting relationships with customers. Through cloud, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), wearables and other technology, Relevantz can help retailers engage with customers through personalized discounts, payment options, and location-based offers as well as provide omnichannel support.

Supply chain resiliency

Without exception, a resilient value chain is absolutely necessary for retailers to protect themselves from disruptions. The pandemic has laid bare the limitations of a complex supply chain, and retailers need to think outside the box to develop resiliency and keep their physical and digital stores open.

Relevantz can help retailers standardize many aspects of their supply chain interfaces with vendors to increase visibility and plan for contingencies. We can also help extend ERP and CRM to mobile devices as well as create digital tools that can help optimize orders, deliveries, payments, billing, and inventory. Our end-to-end services enable the operations team to radically rethink transparency, speed and convenience.


Case Study

Customer Care Service Platform

Conversational Platform Solution

Why Relevantz?

We started out as a software product company and inherited the engineering culture of innovation. Our experience from having built product software and solutions for 6 of the 100 largest software firms in the world has given us the wisdom to build software that is scalable, robust, secure, cloud-native and accessible across multi-experience environments.

 Our honesty, integrity, and commitment to delivering great software for our customers stem from our strong values and moral fiber. Our company mission is woven into the fabric of our company culture to be the most ethical provider of software solutions.