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Community Credit Union

Enhancing Member Engagement and Revenue Growth

Data Analytics Solution


A mid-sized credit union serving a diverse member base was facing a significant challenge in the modern banking landscape. With limited data analytics capabilities, the credit union struggled to meet the rising expectations of its members for personalized financial solutions. Member engagement was declining, and the credit union was missing opportunities to cross-sell and upsell its products and services effectively.


Without a robust data analytics solution in place, the credit union faced several potential consequences:

Low Member Engagement: Without personalized and targeted campaigns, it’s likely that member engagement would have remained low and irrelevant communications could have led to members ignoring or unsubscribing from emails.

Missed Revenue Opportunities: The credit union would miss out on valuable cross-selling and upselling opportunities. Members might not be aware of or consider additional financial products and services offered by the credit union, resulting in potential revenue loss.

Inefficient Marketing: Marketing efforts would remain inefficient, relying on generic campaigns that did not consider individual member needs and preferences. This could lead to wasted resources and stagnant growth.

Member Attrition: Frustrated by irrelevant communications and missed opportunities, some members might consider switching to other financial institutions that could better meet their needs.


Recognizing the need for a data-driven approach, the credit union partnered with Relevantz. Our expertise played a pivotal role in transforming the credit union’s marketing strategies. Together, we implemented a comprehensive data analytics solution tailored to the credit union’s unique requirements.

The key components of the data analytics solution provided by Relevantz included:

Data Integration: We helped integrate data from various sources, including member profiles, transaction history, and digital interactions. This unified data source became the foundation for personalized insights.

Advanced Analytics: We employed advanced analytics techniques to segment members based on their financial behaviors, preferences, and needs. This allowed for the creation of highly targeted campaigns.

Predictive Modeling: Predictive modeling was used to identify members most likely to respond positively to specific cross-selling and upselling offers. This reduced the guesswork and increased the success rate of marketing initiatives.

Real-time Data Updates: The solution ensured that member data remained up to date in real-time, enabling the credit union to provide timely and relevant offers.

Customized Training: Relevantz provided comprehensive training to the credit union’s marketing team, empowering them to leverage the new data analytics capabilities effectively.


The implementation of Relevantz’s data analytics solution resulted in a remarkable transformation for the credit union:

Improved Open Rates: The credit union experienced a significant increase in open rates for their email campaigns. This indicates that members were more engaged and interested in the content of the emails.

  • Increased Open Rates, from <5% to an Average of 30%
  • 50% Reduction in Campaign Delivery Time

Enhanced Member Engagement: The credit union witnessed a significant increase in member engagement. Personalized offers and relevant communication led to members actively participating in promotions and exploring additional services.

Revenue Growth: Cross-selling and upselling initiatives yielded substantial revenue growth. Members were more receptive to offers tailored to their financial needs, resulting in increased product adoption.

Efficiency Gains: Marketing efforts became more efficient, with campaigns now targeted at the right members. The credit union experienced resource savings and improved return on investment.

Member Retention: Members felt valued and understood, reducing the risk of attrition. The credit union retained its existing members and attracted new ones who appreciated the personalized approach.

Competitive Advantage: The credit union gained a competitive edge in the market by delivering exceptional member experiences. It positioned itself as a financial institution that truly understood and catered to its members’ needs.