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Credit Union

Leveraging Auto Loan Volume for the Credit Union

Data-driven Personalized Marketing


A leading credit union in the US faced significant challenges in the wake of rising interest rates, inflation, and the potential for a recession. Despite their efforts to optimize cost savings and prioritize their members’ financial well-being, the credit union was losing members to predatory lenders.


The rise in interest rates, inflation, and economic uncertainty created a climate of hesitancy among consumers about taking out loans, placing greater pressure on credit unions to engage in effective loan marketing to sustain their growth and member base. The credit union was experiencing member attrition to predatory lenders, which was detrimental to both their member base and financial stability.


To address the challenges, we adopted a data-centric approach to loan marketing. We harnessed data analytics to make informed decisions, and personalized their campaigns to cater to individual member needs. We achieved remarkable results, ultimately driving millions of dollars in auto loan funding within just one month.

We helped build a transformative strategy to leverage data using personalized marketing addressed their initial challenges and enhanced member satisfaction and financial performance.


We incorporated data-driven strategies and cutting-edge financial technology for the co-op financial institution, which helped them achieve remarkable outcomes in its quest for growth and member satisfaction.

This transformative journey has yielded significant results for the credit union:

  • We enabled data-driven growth by identifying growth opportunities through portfolio analysis, credit analysis, performance tracking, and campaign management.
  • We helped create personalized, highly targeted, data-driven campaigns focusing on boosting auto loan volume.
  • Our client was able to achieve a positive return on investment (ROI).
  • We enhanced member experience with user-friendly digital content.