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Credit Union

Revolutionizing Decision-Making Powered by Data-Driven Insights

Data Migration to the Cloud


A not-for-profit credit union with nearly a million members and their families across the United States, faced a pressing dilemma. Their business teams yearned for data-driven insights encompassing customer behaviors, purchasing trends, fraud detection, operational efficiencies, and more. 

However, their existing data infrastructure, rooted in legacy systems, demanded excessive developer resources to deliver real-time data from diverse sources such as the Internet, ATMs, telephones, and branches.


The absence of real-time data access forced business managers into laborious, manual data extraction, copying, and merging processes in Excel spreadsheets. This practice resulted in stale data or, worse, erroneous information, hampering effective decision-making.


We orchestrated a monumental shift towards a serverless infrastructure, migrating their data integration, reporting solutions, and data storage to the cloud. This helped liberate the credit union from the burden of maintaining on-premises systems. The selection criteria for their integration platform included compatibility with their serverless strategy, application integration capabilities, robust ETL, and stringent security measures to safeguard sensitive member data. 

We helped craft a comprehensive data strategy and governance framework for their modern, cloud-based data platform. We implemented metadata-driven processes for data ingestion, significantly reducing manual efforts. Privacy code settings facilitated the automatic sharing of data across platforms, contingent on data sensitivity. The introduction of an organization-wide dashboard empowered the tracking of corporate-level KPIs, enabling seamless sharing of progress and successes.


We enabled a transformative journey for the credit union. By addressing critical data challenges., the credit union achieved remarkable enhancements in decision-making, data accessibility, and operational efficiency.

  • 30 months’ worth of data, comprising over 5 billion documents for real-time analysis, migrated within 6 months
  • Nightly data refreshes ensured business teams had access to the most current information, revolutionizing decision-making capabilities
  • Self-service dashboards for sales executives delivered tailored insights to enhance client support
  • The journey from data inefficiency to data empowerment positively impacted operations and member satisfaction