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Digital Media Supply Chain

Media Metadata API Platform Solution


To reach its media supply chain management goals, the client brought all the parties (content producers, partners, and vendors) in the supply chain together and created a unified Media Metadata API platform specification. Adhering to a project plan with a set launch date, the client would deliver the API platform implementation, and the involved parties would get ready with their respective internal implementations to integrate with the new API platform.


As the launch date was approaching, the client started realizing that the API platform implementation strategy and approach it had taken would not support the on-time delivery of the platform. The inability to launch the scheduled Media Metadata APIs to internal and external parties would have resulted in:

  • A major setback in the client’s media supply chain roadmap
  • Putting a hold on the downstream projects undertaken by the parties to integrate with the newer API platform


The client started looking for alternative options like using an external solution provider to rescue itself from the situation. The client brought us in for our platform engineering capabilities to evaluate the failed attempt, strategize the approach needed to meet the deadlines, and deliver the API platform. We devised an incremental approach, proposed technology recommendations, and delivered the API platform solution using cloud computing capabilities, resulting in:

  • Delivering the crucial Media Metadata API platform on time to the parties
  • Creating a single owner of the entire end-to-end life cycle of master data as the central repository of metadata information
  • Staying within the client’s original budget — despite the money and effort the client spent on its previous attempt to build the platform — due to the right technologies we proposed and our expertise in building API platforms


We helped a leading public broadcasting and television program distributing company rescue itself from its failed attempt to deliver a Media Metadata API platform. With our platform engineering capabilities and our expertise in building API platforms, we proposed a Low-Code solution and delivered a comprehensive Media Metadata API platform, enabling the client to:

  • Govern efficient and agile media supply chain management across internal and external parties with accurate and complete master data
  • Meet the critical Media Metadata API platform launch deadline within the budget it allocated