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Healthcare Technology Company

Intelligent Data Driven Insights

360 Degree View On Patient Data


The client, a leader in the healthcare industry, handles a vast amount of patient data across various formats. The critical task of mapping this data became a priority, necessitating data wrangling, cleansing, and enrichment. On top of this, the clients’ existing reports and dashboards proved ineffective, and there was a clear need to maximize data use for its customers. This inefficiency led to delays in addressing customer queries.


The inability to promptly address customer queries due to data management inefficiencies led to decreased client satisfaction and hindered the client’s growth prospects. Compounded by the high operational costs from increased processing times, the client’ financial and competitive position in the healthcare market was negatively impacted.


The client brought us in as its development partner. We helped the healthcare technology company gain a 360-degree insight into its patient data, achieved this through a suite of capabilities, including:

  • Data storage and transformation handled at scale with Snowflake staging and pipelines 

  • Improved data integrity with highly curated data and a well-defined schema 

  • Custom Python APIs to ensure robust data wrangling 

  • Dashboards and visualization with Looker and Tableau 

  • The ability to handle structured and semi-structured data with data partitioning and compression


We empowered a leading provider of healthcare services to leverage data-driven insights that improve patient experiences and enabled the client to scale up for market expansion. With our help, the client was able to:

  • Improve resolution time 

  • Meet a high frequency of customer requests 

  • Gain real-time data insights in the form of dashboards and reports