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Financial Services Firm

Consistent user experience across products

Faster time to market and predictability


The client, a premier marketplace and transaction solutions provider for the real estate, mortgage and consumer debt industries, wanted to develop new user interface (UI) layers across its product suite. This initiative was focused on replacing the current, inconsistent UI to establish a more uniform and seamless user experience.


The inconsistency in the existing UI was creating significant challenges for customers, who often encountered a disconnected workflow when moving between different applications. If not addressed, this issue could have continued to degrade the customer experience, leading to a decline in satisfaction and loyalty.


Our initial engagement with the client involved aiding in the development of the new UI layers for the client’s product suite, showcasing our capabilities and value. This led to a deeper partnership, where we then became an integral part of the client’s extended development team. Our role as a development partner spanned multiple projects, including web and mobile apps, plugin components, UI development, UX design, continuous integration and delivery through DevOps, and automated testing and performance monitoring.

Key solutions delivered by our team included:

  • Correspondence Management Platform

  • Mortgage Trading Solution

  • Mobile App for Field Inspection

  • Vendor Oversight Platform

  • Loan Origination Platform

These solutions were developed using technologies like Java, Spring MVC, AngularJS, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Restangular, Grunt, Bootstrap, Kendo UI, jQuery, MongoDB, MySQL, Jira, Git, Jasmine, Karma, Objective C, DevOps, Xcode SDK, Java 10, Spring, Hibernate, ExtJS, Chef scripts, AWS, C#, and .NET Framework.


As an extended development partner, we helped a leading financial services firm adapt to changing business needs by enabling it to:

  • Accelerate time to market of new capabilities 

  • Increase customer satisfaction through predictable delivery