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Financial Technology Company

Improved Security and Compliance through ATO

ATO Process Implementation


The client, a global provider of payment technology, operates in an ever-evolving technological environment where changes in servers, operating systems, network components, and applications are routine. These changes, although necessary, have the potential to impact the overall security posture of the organization. Furthermore, with the adoption of cloud services and new ways of implementing and consuming them, the organization faces new and evolving threats that may increase the risk to its sensitive data and systems. To ensure that new technologies and components do not compromise the security posture of its IT environment, the client proposed the implementation of an Authority to Operate (ATO) process.


Without a foolproof security system in place:

  • There was a risk of exposure of sensitive data
  • The organization’s systems would be prone to cyber-attacks and fines due to non-compliance


We, along with our rich expertise in handling and improving the systems across industries, initiated a process involving a series of steps, including assessment and scoring controls, implementing necessary security controls, and verifying their sufficiency. By assisting in the implementation of an ATO process and reinforcing security measures, we ensured the safeguarding of sensitive data and while maintaining compliance.



The ATO process became an integral part of the governance process and enabled the client to experience:

  • Validated reliability, resilience, and performance of new solutions
  • Satisfactory customer experience
  • Solutions adhering to technology standards
  • Secure and compliant systems
  • Alignment with enterprise strategy
  • Minimized risk of introducing vulnerabilities
  • Ensured system security and compliance
  • A deploy tollgate to ensure successful deployment and completion of operational turnover